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Lamellar structure

The Lamellar Structure of the Skin

Water and fat are aligned in parallel between keratin cells, forming a layer.
In the mere 0.02mm (about the thickness of plastic wrap) thick cornified layer of the epidermis, the lamellar structure plays an extremely important role in maintaining the balance of the skin.

*The term ‘lamellar structure’ simply refers to the structure, and is not the actual name of that component of the skin. This term is indistinguishable from the term ‘lamellar product’ used in the component descriptions on boxes and containers.

The lamellar structure has two primary roles.

1) It protects against foreign bodies, such as viruses and bacteria, from entering the skin.
2) It protects against water evaporating from the skin, thereby retaining moisture.
When the lamellar structure breaks down, it can cause rough skin, stains, and wrinkles which may lead to dryness.

Cosmetics that include lamellar maintain the lamellar structure of your skin, and maintain a high level of moisture by preventing the excess evaporation of water. This not only prevents drying of the skin causing rough skin, but also creates a barrier that functions to protect the skin from foreign bodies.

The structure is preserved, making it highly stable.
Conventional creams allow water to evaporate from the skin in only a few hours, leaving only the oil content.
The properties of the lamellar structure are preserved, making this cream highly stable, even as long as 8 hours after application.

Figure 1-1 Cream recovered from the skin 8 hours after application
Figure 1-2 Cream 4 years after manufacture

Figure 2-1 (left) Lamellar structure cream/(right) General all-in-one gel
Figure 2-2 Same creams 3 days later


The skin is made of a lamellar structure, and is largely involved in retaining moisture.
If this structure is not preserved, the skin may become dry (wrinkles) or sensitive.


Lamellar cosmetics work to create another barrier on the surface of the skin.
This prevents the evaporation of water from the skin, thereby preserving the skin’s moisture levels.


The lamellar liquid crystal structure used in lamellar cosmetics does not break down even after long periods of time, allowing the beautifying ingredients to effectively permeate the skin.