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  • 最先端医療から生まれたナノカプセルがエイジングケアを変える。
  • The REVISIS Series was created after the 100th anniversary of the founding of our parent pharmaceutical company.
    This blend of beauty ingredients and meticulously-created structure will invigorate your skin's health, reviving its original strength and beauty.

Our Product Lineup

REVISIS Moisture Peeling

Skin care blended with astaxanthin to bring back the moisture and suppleness of your skin. "The skin regulator astaxanthin has been added to this gommage peeling to give your skin that extra moisture……

REVISIS Moisture Facial Mask+

A blend of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and placenta extract provides a rich mosturizing effect. Over 4 million products sold within 2 years. Japanese-made cosmetics from a century-old pharmaceutical co……

REVISIS Moist Facial Pack

Now offering a new facial pack from the popular REVISIS Series that is blended with 3GF (EGF/FGF-like ingredients; IGF-like ingredients) and pearl extract! In additional to the conventional beauty ing……

REVISIS Rich Cream Patch

A two-sheet for one mask for the eyes and mouth, containing a rich amount of cream with beauty ingredients. The soft sheet mask adheres to the skin, delivering beauty ingredients to the keratin layer……

REVISIS Moisture Support Soap

This luxurious Japanese-made soap base is certain to give you the finest wash. A high-foaming soap with Sekken soji-K (Potassium Soap Base) being the primary cleansing ingredient, offering a mild wash……

REVISIS Powder Wash

Washes away oils and dirt with the power of oxygen. Also helps fight acne. The oxygen* powder washes dirt from pores and excess oil from your skin, helping to remove any tightness and leaving it moist……

REVISIS Lamellar Lotion

The lamellar structure works to regulate and moisturize your skin. Similar to your skin, it is made from a lamellar liquid crystal structure. The lamellar liquid crystal structure enhances the penetra……

REVISIS Soft Lamellar Cream

With a soft texture, this cream can be used on your face, your body, and even on your baby. Similar to your skin, it is made from a lamellar liquid crystal structure. The lamellar liquid crystal struc……